Comfort and functionality work hand in hand. A wireless keyboard and a mouse are the need for the best working environment.

Many decades ago, the world of computers belonged to the strings of attachment. The wired keyboard and mouse restricted one to move around freely while surfing the web and working in an office or home setup. The generation then dreamt of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Thanks to the technology and the advancement that offered complete freedom, comfort from tangling with the invention of keyboard and mouse, totally wireless. If you are a distributor looking for a wholesale wireless mouse and keyboard combo, Ideakard, a leading player and trendsetter in computer and mobile peripherals have a wonderful wireless keyboard and mouse combo solution, namely X1850. If you are an individual user, you would love to play your hands on X1850, the innovative combination designed to offer a minimalistic look to any office or work desk.

Why choose Ideakard X1850 Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo?

Comfort and functionality work hand in hand. A wireless keyboard and a mouse are the need for the best working environment. The one who has worked with the traditional wired keyboard and mouse can better understand the clutter and inflexible work style. Ideakard’s X1850 wireless keyboard and mouse combo is a true statement for high reliability with an ultra-slim design. There is no worry about the strain and pain in the hands or wrist with an ergonomic keyboard and mice combo offering a comfortable typing experience and scrolling control over the computer screen. Caps Lock Indicator is an advantage for controlling typo errors and using capital letters just when needed. It is faster and user friendly rather than using the shift key along with the required character on the keyboard. Toggling from lower case to upper case is just a key away with Ideakard’s X1850.

Wholesale Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

Best Wireless keyboard mouse combo

The combo is for people who want zero clutter, effective management, convenience, freedom, portability and a comfortable feel. The best typing experience and no fuss is the promise of Ideakard. If you are someone working remotely, at the office or home, a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is easy to operate. There is no worry of cords getting tangled in travel bags. There is no chance of distraction in any tasks if one has a perfect solution.

Wholesale Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo

All Ideakard products are focused on tech-savvy buyers and their requirements. X1850 is the right keyboard and mouse combo to achieve greater heights and better goals. Ideakard’s futuristic promise and strength lie in offering affordable technology; products that uplift the feeling of happiness and contentment for every customer across the globe. If you are planning to change the way you work, it would be a great idea to shift to X1850, the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for best space adjustment and hassle-free outlook.

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