The present generation might look at the big, old, bulky computers as a monument in a museum. The generation before the evolution of desktops and laptops in the mid-2000s would look at the minicomputers or the microcomputers, ironically larger in size as a nostalgia. It is interesting to know that the history of the personal computer as a mass-market consumer electronic device dates back to the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s. The flat monitors became a centre of attraction in office spaces and homes with the change of the hour. Computer and Technology became a new trend in the new millennium. Recently one can see the use of laptops widely increased with the work from home culture and of course for its benefits of easy handling.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse for Smoother Work Experience

Wholesale Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Any computer or laptop is incomplete without a keyboard and mouse. Ideakard, a leading international brand in computer and mobile peripherals recently launched the X1850 wireless combo comprising a wireless keyboard and a mouse. The wireless keyboard mouse combo is all about portability and flexibility. It is about mobility and no further worry of space constraints. The keyboard is designed ultra-slim to allow comfortable typing. The Caps Lock Indicator is an added benefit. The wireless mouse is all about ease and versatility. X1850 wireless keyboard mouse combo is synonymous with high reliability.

Ideakard has established its benchmark in delivering other best-sellers like Bluetooth keyboard mouse combo and bulk keyboard mouse combo under its keyboards and mouse product lines. One can get the best wholesale price at Ideakard.

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