Experience quality like never before with Ideakard wholesale earphones and headphones ranges

Earphones and headphones are not a luxury in recent times. You need not have to be a music lover to own an earphone in the age of iPod or smartphones. Decades back one could visualize a BPO employee or a Radio Jockey sitting with headsets – in simple terms a set of headphones equipped with a microphone for voice-over communications. Now the trend has changed and one can foresee a place where a headphone plays a major role in gaming along with voice communications. Both the earphone and headphones are deeply involved in creating a great listening experience of anything right from music to podcasts or any meditation audio or video clips on YouTube. One can certainly resonate with this feeling if you have the right choice of earphones or headphones as per your needs.

Focused on ease to use, comfort and convenience; quality, and value for money; Ideakard, a globally acknowledged brand takes pride in designing and manufacturing technological peripherals for the best experience in living and business environment. Ideakard is now known for its establishment as one of the leading players among different wholesale earphone and headphone manufacturers and suppliers.

Wholesale Earphones and Headphones

Wholesale Earphone and Headphone manufacturers and suppliers

Ideakard’s wholesale Bluetooth earphone H200 is designed with a neckband feature.  One would certainly fall in love with its features like IPx5 and design that is ultra-lightweight. It has a stable Bluetooth with a 5.0 connection and CVC digital noise reduction. The best part is you can sip your wine, hot or cold beverages, and juices without worrying about spilling damage, Ideakard Neckband H200 is waterproof. This earphone supports both tunning a beautiful song or cutting a boring one.

Worried about the pricing? All Ideakard products come with the best deal at a wholesale price We spoke about Ideakard earphones so let’s take a look at its range of wholesale headphones.

The headphones or as Ideakard calls it wired stereo headsets fall into two categories. H110 and H150. Both these series are lightweight in design; effective in volume control and comfortable to wear. The ranges are designed with microphones that help in noise reduction and if you are thinking about what makes one unique from the other then H110 has a standard 3.5mm audio port and H150 comes with a standard USB port.

An earphone or a microphone headset is essential even in your conference calls. It is the need of the hour more and more as we cling to our smart devices. Experience quality like never before with Ideakard wholesale earphones and headphones, if you are thinking of gifting, Ideakard is a leading manufacturer and supplier, which will certainly offer a wholesale deal. Ideakard wholesale earphones and headphones ranges are all about exceeded expectations

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