Surge Protectors are much more than just an extension cord. 

Our homes and offices are filled with devices and appliances that are expensive as well as essential to our lives. We wouldn’t want them to get damaged in any way. Yet, while we buy expensive and feature-rich television, refrigerators, computers and air conditioners we don’t even look at the surge protectors. 

Most of us rely on our IT person in an office or the local electrician at home. In case, they suggest a surge protector we mostly question them for suggesting something expensive. We don’t realise that a little investment in a surge protector device is only going to add years to our gadgets and appliances. 

What does a power surge protector do? 

They are much more than the regular extension cords or multi-pin sockets. Though, visually they look carrying out that same function. 

If there is a sudden increase in voltage, such as from a lightning strike or damage to a power line, a surge protector detects the excess current and safely diverts it through the house’s grounding path.

Ideakard brings you 3 models of surge protector for home and offices. SP50 and SP510 are five socket surge protectors whereas SP42U is a surge protector with USB. SP42U has 4 sockets and 2 USB 2.0 ports. These surge protectors have the complete fire-proof body for safety. 

The cause may be anything, a power surge can damage many electronic devices, all at once. Sensitive electronic appliances and gadgets are most at risk as they were designed to work under very precise electrical specifications. 

Power Surge Protectors

Here’s a list of such equipment: 

Dos and Don’ts 

Mostly, a surge protector is hidden underneath a desk or behind the wiry tangle of cables and equipment. Do keep checking the indicator light at regular intervals. 

Look for surge protectors that have a fire-proof body. 

Never daisy chain one surge protector to another to increase the cord length or add outlets. This is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. 

Don’t use surge protector devices for room heaters and microwaves. Ensure it is not kept in a damp area. 

The Ideakard surge protectors are devised to take care of your workstation, home entertainment as well as office cubicles. It helps you protect against power surges and makes your desk and floor look neat and tidy. 

Remember that Ideakard surge protector is a miserly investment in protecting your sensitive electronic devices against damaging power events. But it won’t protect your devices in case your home has ungrounded outlets or has improper wiring and grounding. So, if your home has grounding issues, ensure you address them first.

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