Life is hassle-free with wireless technology. Ideakard, a leading brand in the stream of mobile peripherals take pride in taking you to the world of portable wireless Bluetooth

speakers available in two distinct designs and features- namely A200 and A500. Ideakard strongly believes in representing any product line with modern requirements in mind. The series of portable wireless Bluetooth speakers fit best in your pocket. It is simply affordable and if one wants to order in bulk, the good news is that Ideakard also plays the role of a wholesale distributor. A200 and A500 blended with versatile features are available at wholesale rates.

Why choose Ideakard portable wireless Bluetooth speakers?

There are many Bluetooth speakers available in the market promising a great experience. The question is how true this promise is? Compatibility is another thing that bothers one before choosing a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker of a particular choice. Every speaker comes with different features and sound quality. Ideakard speakers have a unique definition when it comes to promise and good quality experience.
Good sound quality should soothe ears, rather than bleeding them. A200 and A500 are the best in offering the ultimate sound experience. The compatible shape of these speakers makes it worth your money. These speakers are synonymous with space saving and better comfort. Ideakard products are known for their personal touch and both A200 and A500 give ears to all your preferences and needs.

Wholesale Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Best Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers From Ideakard India

Ideakard A200 and A500 can fit in your favourite devices. If you use a PC at your home or office these portable wireless Bluetooth speakers offer a better experience. It is best for your laptop and smartphone. If you are worried that you won’t get a better sound quality in your smartphone, Ideakard’s user-friendly Bluetooth speakers add to a jaw-dropping experience.

Ideakard A500 is made especially for FM lovers. The dual speaker set up in this portable wireless Bluetooth speaker adds to a magical experience while tuning into any favourite radio station. The TWS connection in A500 eases pairing of any Bluetooth enabled device and delivers a definitive stereo feel. The TF card in it is best for storing your all-time favourite song collections without any future worry. 

Ideakard A200 has a distinct design making it popular among those who prefer style, fashion and super sound. It is perfect for outdoor parties or just a car drive. Both A200 and A500 portable wireless Bluetooth speakers provide the best Bass expansion system, larger 45 min- driver for high and superior sound quality. 

Listening to nonstop FM songs without disturbance is no longer a challenge. Enjoying an outdoor musical delight, party floor or a long drive with wonderful music or DJ songs is just a plugin away. Ideakard recognizes the importance of world trends. Offering complete satisfaction with perfect sound quality while pricing each product with the right value of money, Ideakard affordable and wholesale products win hearts with the best service and quality.

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