A modern abode is indeed bliss with luxurious electronic gadgets around. With the high output offered by these items, the power surge proves to be a dangerous consequence. Are you still tense about voltage spikes destroying your electrical devices or an outbreak of fire at home? Ideakard, a leading international brand in computer and mobile peripherals; a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of Keyboard, Mouse, Bluetooth speakers; headsets and earphones unveil a series of Best Surge Protectors. Each product in this series is a perfect Spike guard with a Surge protector for your safety. With so many cheap surge sockets available in the market, one may be unclear about choosing the right, good quality surge protector. It is highly recommended to protect your sensitive gadgets, appliances and devices by choosing the best Surge Protectors by Ideakard, designed with functionality and promising good quality.

Ideakard Best Surge Protectors:

A surge protector can be simply defined as a device that is crafted to protect your expensive, high powered electrical devices from power surges and current spikes. The Surge Protectors by Ideakard are available in three ranges. The speciality of these Spike guards with Surge protectors is that it offers high-level security. The good news is that one can choose different socket options as per requirements.

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SP50 is a 5-socket surge protector designed with a complete fireproof body for safety. The voltage surges are no longer feared with SP50. This Surge Protector can provide Max voltage protection up to 250 v/Max current 6A maximum watts 1500. The 5 surges protected sockets are the right solution for protecting any prone devices from voltage surges.
SP510 is another Surge Protector by Ideakard designed with similar parameters like SP50. What makes SP510 different from SP50 is its higher protection level up to a maximum of 2500 watts. If one wants a Surge Protector with USB and ports.

SP42U is a wonderful solution with 4 Surge protected power sockets. The most important element of any Surge Protector is its fireproof body. SP42U offers complete safety like SP50 and SP510, yet SP42U has its unique functionalities. It is designed with 2 USB and 2.0 ports. The additional choice of USB and ports on SP42U makes it easy for charging devices, especially a mobile phone. Never mind, if you have forgotten your charger at home, yet get the task done easily and smartly.

There is simply no need of buying multiple sockets when Ideakard brings to you the best Surge protectors with choices of 4 or 5 power sockets. The additional features like an ON /OFF switch reduce energy consumption further allowing to save energy. Overload protection provided by these spike guards reduces the risk of fire. Electric surges can be avoided with Surge protectors. Beware, it can occur at any time. Say no to power fluctuation and mishaps. Embrace safety with Ideakard best quality Surge Protectors.

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