Just can’t live without music… can you? 

Music is a universal language that brings people together. It becomes essential when people want to travel – whether it is while traveling or while spending a night camping. It triggers emotions in some while it triggers creativity in others. It helps a few people focus better while for some it brings about a whole lot of memories. 

Music does different things to different people, but it was essentially helpful during the recent lockdown. It helped many people get house chores done that they were not used to. It also helped relieve loneliness in many. Music has become such an important aspect of our lives that the market is flooded with Bluetooth speakers. 

Ideakard brings you a range of wireless Bluetooth speakers and is working on adding a few more to their portfolio while you’re reading this article.  

What to look for in a portable Bluetooth speaker? 

Many features are essential to the best budget for Bluetooth speakers. Make sure you have a tick on all of them. 

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth Speakers

1.Sound quality 

This is by far the most important feature. After all, this is the main reason you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker. Ideakard brings you A500 and A200 – both have superior quality portable Bluetooth speakers. 


One of the most important features is how long the wireless Bluetooth speaker can operate when it’s not plugged into the wall. But remember, that the bigger the battery, the heavier the speaker will be. 


The portable Bluetooth speaker needs to be easy to carry. The design and size are very essential here. Both the models of Ideakard ensure that they are easy to carry and use. 


The Ideakard Bluetooth speakers have the true wireless stereo effect and are perfect and handy for listening to music or use it for a conference call. 


Wireless Bluetooth speakers are used both indoors and outdoors. But many manufacturers don’t ensure to build it in a manner to protect it from particulate matter and against liquids. 

Who should buy an Ideakard portable Bluetooth speaker?

If you own a tablet or smartphone, there’s a good chance that you are not happy with the sound quality of these devices when it comes to music. You need a good quality Bluetooth speaker that is good for streaming music, podcasts, and casual listening. The fact that these speakers can be transported anywhere, makes it much desirable. 

Some people like to listen to music at home or office, while some take it to the beach or the park. This also makes the Bluetooth speakers a perfect gift for any occasion even when you don’t know the person very well. These best budget Bluetooth speakers won’t pinch you much and yet will help you cast a good impression. 

Ideakard brings you two Bluetooth speaker models, now

Ideakard A500 is a Bluetooth speaker with an FM radio option. With dual speakers, you can plug into your favourite radio station and listen endlessly. This portable Bluetooth speaker has a TF card wherein you can store your favourite songs and listen to the True Wireless Stereo quality. 

Ideakard A200 supports many smart devices like phones, laptops and personal computers. This Bluetooth speaker delivers truly jaw-dropping audio performance and is built for superior sound quality.

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