Wholesale Earphones and Headphones from Ideakard India.

Most of us have a perfect companion for jogging, commuting, driving, conferencing or feeling calm before hitting the bed. Some of you might have guessed your perfect buddy by now, while others might be still racking their brains. Without adding more suspense to the story, we are revealing the characters, and they are none other than a wired earphone and a comfortable headphone series by Ideakard, a leading brand in the field of computer and mobile peripherals.

Earphones or over-ear headphones are extremely comfortable for listening to favourite songs, soothing meditation, current news, or a fascinating podcast. Ideakard is best known for offering wholesale earphones and headphones with true value for money. The brand has won hearts with its globally acknowledged digital technology.

Wholesale Wired Earphone with Mic

Choosing an earphone sounds easy, but always remember that what you see is just one side of the story. There are many promising products available on the market, but choosing a focused product line professing a real statement of good quality, comfort, convenience, and best fit is a reality with Ideakard. This brand is known for catering to wholesale wired earphones with mic in India. An ideal earphone is all about plugging inside the ear, covering the eardrums entirely. The added benefit of comfortable earphones should be that there should be no fear of falling.

Wholesale Wired Earphones and Headphones with Mic

Best wired headset with Mic from Ideakard

Wired stereo headphones for comfort and solace

 Comparing an earphone or headphone is simple. Earphones are small and designed to fit inside the ear, while headphones are comparatively bigger.

 Ideakard H110 and H150 product lines are perfectly designed to fit in the ear and feel comfortable on the head due to their lightweight design. The use of headphones is quite common in the consumer market in the fields of BPO, professional audio studios, films, podcasting, and broadcasting industries. 

Wholesale Wired Headphone with MIC

Ideakard H110 and H150 have excellent volume control, and their microphones provide excellent voice reduction quality. If a standard USB port is required, the H150 is something that can suffice. If portability is the goal, the H100 has a standard 3.5mm audio port and is best suited for smartphones, laptops, tablets, or portable music players. Ideakard, a digital peripheral player, can fulfil any bulk headphone order at wholesale rates on demand.

A good earphone or comfortable-fit headphone is all about convenience and experiencing solace in a pleasant world, away from the toxic surrounding. Life is more fun with the right equipment. Ideakard, an international player, a leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale earphones and headphones, makes life much easier and merrier with the best sound experience. Walking, talking, relaxing, chatting is more thrilling with Ideakard wholesale earphones and headphones.

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