Ideakard wholesale Bluetooth speaker: Best to the rhythm with corporate gifting

Festivals are indeed synonymous with joy and celebration. Celebration turns more graceful if it is blended with the culture of gifting. Who doesn’t like to get a gift? A gift is a form of blessing, good luck, and best wishes combined in the world of corporate gifting. Are you thinking to surprise someone with a corporate gift? If not yet then do plan something to see the broad smile of happiness, reflecting on your client’s or employee’s face. 

If you are wondering what to gift and where to source?

Ideakard, one of the leading international brands in the stream of computer and mobile peripherals brings to you some innovative ideas for connecting people in the digital space. The wholesale Bluetooth speaker brands by Ideakard can be one of the best choices to strengthen your business relationships with your clients.

Ideakard gives deeper thinking to gifting ideas with bulk portable Bluetooth speakers. Mostly everyone at this age uses a smartphone.  Bluetooth speakers are best if one wants to listen to music, podcast or anything related to sound. There are no strings attached with no havoc on additional wires. Its portability is the key that assures a festive mood or party night with some music around- right from home, office, beach or even in your car while driving. 

Ideakard Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Wholesale Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Wholesale Ideakard Bluetooth Speakers are available in two versatile ranges A500 and A200.  Both these ranges are portable wireless speakers, available at wholesale prices and are best for the outdoors. Explaining in detail, Ideakard A500 is designed with dual speakers and has an interesting FM radio option for radio lovers to tune in to any favourite FM station. Listen to nostalgic or trendy songs non-stop without breaks. The advantage of this wholesale Bluetooth speaker is the TF card to store your favourite collections of songs added with True Wireless Stereo (TWS Connection). Feel the jaw-dropping audio performance with A500 Ideakard Bluetooth speakers.

Coming to the next range – Ideakard A200 is ideal for any smart device – phone, laptop or PC; the portable wireless Bluetooth speakers has expanded BXS (Bas expansion system). The A200 wireless Bluetooth speakers deliver high and super sound quality with their larger 45 mins driver. 

The festivals are often celebrated with enthusiasm but the global crisis has changed the scenario in the last two years. Work from home referred to as WFH in the planet of Gen Z or the millennials is a culture widely prevalent yet pandemic strengthened this more globally.  Express your gratitude to your employees and helpers with wholesale Ideakard Bluetooth speakers; may their hard work, sincerity and dedication be paid into digital rewards. Think of Ideakard for gifting as the gift itself is an emotion and the giver is perceived as God. 

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