They say we were given two ears for a purpose. Listen with one ear drop from another ear. But we, at Ideakard, think differently. We feel that we were given two ears so we could block out the noise and listen to your internal voice. 

We are not sure how many of you have been able to listen to your inner voice. But we can help you block out all the external noise with a range of headsets with active noise cancelling. 

The Evolution of Listeners

There is no doubt that the world of audio listeners has evolved quite a bit. Earlier there used to be community listening which graduated to personal listening for leisure. This changed drastically with the call centres when the demand for PC wired headset with mic rose. These headsets soon entered the corporate world and employees could focus better while using headsets with active noise cancelling. 

PC Headsets with Mic
PC Headsets with Mic

This scenario changed quite a bit during the pandemic. With people working from home and students learning from home, the number of video calls surged. With this rose the need for a headset with mic. 2-3 people in every household needed to be connected at the same time under the same roof and sometimes from the same room. Headsets with active noise cancelling came to the rescue. 

We can also say headsets from Ideakard came to the rescue. Ideakard headsets are great for the riders on Indian roads as well. They forget the daily issues and immerse themselves into music. Riders and commuters listen to podcasts as well. They gain knowledge or seek entertainment and get over with the mundane travel even without realizing it. 

Featureful Headsets

Our neckband Bluetooth earphones are perfect for such users. This water-proof, ultra-lightweight earphones are perfect accompaniments for those on a bike or in public transport. With CVC digital noise reduction, they offer stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection. This is one of our best-selling products. 

We have a range in PC wired headset with the mic as well. Designed to be light-weight and comfortable, these headsets have a volume control in them. The microphone is built to reduce external noise. The headband is adjustable as every user is different. Some wear spectacles while others wear hairbands. Neither of these poses an issue while using Ideakard headphones.  

Check it out before you pick it up

We recommend that you go to a store and pick up these personal peripherals as each person has a different choice. We understand that most buyers look for acoustics, form factor, features, compatibility, connection style and comfort. You will be satisfied only when you visit a store and see all the features yourself. 

We know for a fact that you will zero down on an Ideakard headset as these are built on many years of experience in developing professional headphones which display exceptional performance with eternal class. We do recommend headsets for focus and better clarity but we don’t recommend you use them for longer than 8 hours especially if you’re listening at a higher volume. Apart from this, Ideakard headsets will help you immerse in your world and focus better. 

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