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PC Headsets from Ideakard

Any music lover could easily differentiate between a headphone or a headset yet to be precise a headset is a hardware device that can be connected to a telephone or computer, allowing the user to talk and listen while keeping their hands free.

Get the Most Out of Your PC Headsets With Mic

pc headsets with mic from Ideakard

They say we were given two ears for a purpose. Listen with one ear drop from another ear. But we, at Ideakard, think differently. We feel that we were given two ears so we could block out the noise and listen to your internal voice.

Acing the Peripherals Market Ideakard

Wholesale Computer Peripherals

Every cloud has a silver lining. Indeed. The world has understood this through the lenses of the pandemic. The pandemic led to a worldwide lockdown which resulted in quick adaptation into working from home as well as learning from home. People overnight became technologically literate, if not savvy. The demand for computers and peripherals soared like never before.