Every cloud has a silver lining. Indeed. The world has understood this through the lenses of the pandemic. The pandemic led to a worldwide lockdown which resulted in quick adaptation into working from home as well as learning from home. People overnight became technologically literate, if not savvy. The demand for computers and peripherals soared like never before. 

Ideakard has a wide variety of personal and computer peripherals in both wired and wireless forms. We are glad that we had established Ideakard earlier and had tie-ups with about 500 shops much before the lockdown was initiated. Headquartered in Mumbai, we have a growing presence across 20 cities of our country. 

This ever-evolving network helped us sell more than 10,000 Ideakard products in 2020 and gave us a good reason to remember last year. In this year, we are all set to enter e-commerce and be able to reach the remotest part of India. 

Our Values 

We have been able to leap of faith only because our company stands tall on three strong pillars – products of unmatched quality, innovation and convenience. We offer a warranty of two years on all our products. We design these products in India and hence can take and incorporate consumer feedback in no time at all.

We pride in the fact that we can bring you these innovative products at a price no other well-known brand can match. No wonder, our consumers find more value in everything they purchase from Ideakard

Our Work Culture

Our organization has more than 100 skilled and experienced team players who are all driven by technology and user experience. Our work culture also reflects all of this. We are a hierarchy-free company where anyone is free to come up with an idea, discuss its pros and cons. If the majority agrees, we put those ideas into designs. We put freedom and imagination above processes and rules. 

Wholesale Computer Peripherals

We are a top-light and bottom-heavy company with smart and agile people all along. These smart youngsters have a drive-in them and are wanting to become leaders. We give them an environment that is conducive for their growth and this reflects in our growth story. The communication channel between our customers and employees is very open. We value continuous feedback. After all, a product is only as good as the purpose it serves. 

User experience and aesthetics are the two key points we keep in mind while designing our products. These attract users who like sleek, young products that are mindlessly simple to use. Our bouquet of products includes portable Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, wireless neckband earphones, wired earphones with mic, PC headsets with mic, surge protection device and more. 

If you have an idea or a thought to improve an existing product, you can get in touch with us and we will ensure that every feasible idea is implemented. 

More power to ideas and innovations. More power to computer peripherals.  

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